Human Trafficking

'The Traffickers & their Recruiting Process 


Traffickers, usually a recruiter or the actual employer, will compel their victims to accept a job through various forms of deception, coercion or physical force. Traffickers deprive their victims of the ability to consent and use physical force or psychological, legal or economic coercion to trap their victims in forced labor situations from which they cannot freely escape.

In extreme situations, victims may be forced into an employment relationship because they were sold by a family member or physically abducted or kidnapped by traffickers. More commonly, traffickers lure their victims into employment relationships by making false promises about the nature and conditions of their future jobs. For example, a trafficker may promise a woman a job in the U.S. as a nanny earning minimum wage, but when she arrives she is instead forced to work in a sweatshop where her wages are withheld, she is forced to work eighteen hours a day and she is not allowed to leave the premises.