Human Trafficking

How Human Trafficking is Affecting Women

Women and minors bound for forced prostitution go through systematic rape and physical abuse that destroys their self-esteem and dignity.Psychological coercion includes threats of violence and of revenge against family members back home. Coercion can also include threats to denounce the victim to local police or to the family by disclosing the work activities of the victim. In these circumstances, combined with illegal residence, no documentation in the country of destination, and with no knowledge of the country or of the language, it is extremely difficult for the victim to have the capacity to escape and denounce the system.Women are not just forced into sex work; they also might be forced into other types of "women's work," such as domestic work. These women may be held hostage in homes where they have to cook, clean, or take care of children for many hours a day, receiving little or no pay for their work. Many times, they are not allowed to have contact with the outside world.Most of women victims of human trafficking are sexually exploited forced into prostitution and sex tourism. Trafficking of women in the globalized world is slavery act and humiliation of their human dignity, and sever threat to their existence. Trafficking of women is a social problem which needs arising awareness about its negative impact. 

Keep in mind, no one is allowed to:
  • force you to work against your will
  • collect a debt by using threats or forcing you to work to pay the debt
  • force you to work using threats to harm you or your family
  • force or pressure you into performing sexual acts
  • take away your passport, birth certificate, or ID card to control you or your movements