Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the practice of people being tricked, or otherwise removed from their home or country, and then forced to work with no or low payment or on terms which are highly exploitative. Many people do not realize the seriousness of Human Trafficking. This act is looked on as the new modern form of slavery, mostly women are the victims. One million women are trafficked each year,which is about seventy percent of everyone that is part of human trafficking.They are a non-stop source of revenue because unlike drugs which is gone after you sell it, a girl is reusable. Estimated 9.5 billion is generated in annual revenue from all trafficking activities. People all over the world are trying to fight against this horrific act, and it needs to be a bigger concern for all of us. There is no possible way for us to save every person that is part of this act, but we need to figure out ways that we can save women and children from being victims.